Thai Star

Ordered: papaya salad, tofu pad thai without egg Comments: We came here on a Friday night and it was really busy. (This Thai restaurant has the most yelp reviews in the DFW area.) The food was good and everything came out quickly, even with the crowded restaurant. I ordered vegetarian items, since I’m still trying…

Wabi House

Ordered: veggie ramen Comments: Good veggie option. Didn’t feel deprived at all from ordering the veggie ramen. You get a vegetable based broth, noodles and plenty of vegetables. The broth was flavorful. Noodles had a good chew. And the vegetables varied in textures and flavors.


Ordered: La Bandita burger made vegan, Impossible burger made vegan Comments: After watching “What the Health” (documentary), I’ve been trying more vegetarian/vegan options. We’d been to hopdoddy before, but hadn’t tried the veggie burgers yet. La bandita at hopdoddy is a black bean based burger. It was okay. The patty didn’t really hold together well….

Yenat Guada Ethiopian Cuisine

Ordered: vegetarian platter for two (dish comes with injera) Comments: The platter was way too much food for just two people. We could have ordered for one. The favorite was the dark one in the middle. The waitress said it was red lentils. The combination of the spices and the texture of the lentils made…


Ordered: the long walk to Nashville (spicy fried chicken with braised greens and biscuit) Comments: Was not a fan of the fried chicken. It was crispy on the outside, but overdone on the inside. Sides were okay, nothing great.

Jarams Donuts

Ordered: creme brulee donut, strawberries & cream donut Comments: Fancy donuts offered here. They have plain ones as well. The creme brulee had a crispy shell, and tasted like burnt sugar, as expected. The strawberries & cream is strawberries with cream cheese. The cream cheese was a good option for balancing the sweetness of the…

North Town Chinese Kitchen

Ordered: noodles in sichuan style sauce, cucumbers in sauce, house special spicy beef noodle soup Comments: Great new find. All the noodles here are hand made. The sichuan noodles were basically sesame noodles, but still tasty. The cucumbers in sauce were spiralized to maximize the flavor, but it made the cucumber more soggy than it…

Matcha Love

Ordered: black sesame frozen yogurt Comments: The frozen yogurt had a firmer consistency than other froyos, almost as solid as custard, that made it more enjoyable. The black sesame flavor was nutty, similar to a diluted peanut butter flavor. Servings here are small. (Cup only partially filled.)

Little Greek Fresh Grill

Ordered: hummus, gyro plate Comments:  Quick, casual place for delicious Greek food. I liked that you could sub the rice for more veggies.

Arepa TX

Ordered: chipotle chicken arepa, brisket & chimichurri arepa, yuca fries Comments: Good arepas. Texture of the corn cake was crispy. The meat fillings were flavorful. The size of each arepa is comparable to a small sandwich. The chimichurri sauce was a welcome addition of acid to the beef. Yuca fries were similar to regular potato…

Dong Hai

Ordered: thit bo luc lac, banh bot chien, rau muong Comments: This is the only place I know of that has banh bot chien in Dallas. Food was fine. Would probably only come back if we were craving banh bot chien.

King’s Noodle

Ordered: steamed dumplings, beef noodle soup Comments: The food is good here, but I prefer the food at Taipei Station. The food concept is similar, but King’s Noodle is not as flavorful.  


Ordered: trompo, bistec tacos Comments: Basically a food truck atmosphere from a brick and mortar taco restaurant. No nonsense street tacos with limited seating. The trompo taco was better. The meat had a good amount of fat and flavor. It was really crowded when we came. (Bon Appetit had recently named this place “the best…


Ordered: mini cupcakes Comments: Cake was dry except for the chocolate flavor. Might have been because we waited a day to eat the rest of the cupcakes. The icing had a good amount of sweetness. The overall flavor was good, but it seems like the cupcakes need to be consumed the day of. I would…

Taipei Station

Ordered: leek dumplings, spicy beef noodle soup Comments: Best beef noodle soup either of us have ever had. Broth was flavorful and thick, it had the consistency of a soup that’s been simmering low and slow. Broth was a cross between bun bo hue and bo kho; it also had a slight flavoring of tomato….

Ephesus Mediterranean Grill

Ordered: hummus, falafel, shepherd salad, gyro plate Comments: Food here was fine. Nothing was outstanding, but nothing was bad either. Our quest for a go-to mediterranean restaurant continues.

Off Site Kitchen

Ordered: Do it Murph-Style burger, cheese fries Comments: We came here to try the burgers, thinking they would be comparable to other well-known burger restaurants in Dallas (Shake Shack, Smashburger, etc.). Off site kitchen is better. They pay attention to small details, like toasting the inside as well as the outside of the bun. Also,…

Val’s Cheesecakes

Ordered: Lemmon Avenue (lemon cheesecake) Comments: Cute little stand that sells cheesecake, in slices or little jars. There were more flavors available in jars the day I went. The cheesecake here is good – moist and creamy. It’s a little difficult to eat if you want to get all the layers into one bite. Also…


Ordered: octopus salad, porkchop, cacio e pepe Comments: The menu here changes pretty often, like maybe weekly. Everything was fine.  I was expecting more from a place that costs $$$. I think the thing to get here are the pastas – it’s handmade in-house.

Sucre Cafe

Ordered: paradise island fruit tea, pandan waffle Comments: Not a fan of the fruit tea, it was too sweet. Waffle was great. It was freshly made and had a good amount of sweetness. This place is good for hanging out or studying.

Aloha Hawaiian Barbeque

Ordered: spam loco moco, bbq chicken Comments: Blake’s loco moco came with spam and a burger patty. This is what I would consider solid comfort food. The chicken was tender with good flavor. The cabbage was not so good; it was basically overcooked. Would come back, but only for the loco moco.


Ordered: meat plate with four sides (lamb shank, hummus, tabbouleh, fattoush, cauliflower) Comments: Cafeteria-style Mediterranean food. Lamb shank was kind of tender with subtle flavor. Pita bread was fresh and soft, but a little raw on the inside. Sides were fresh and plentiful.

Sichuanese Cuisine

Ordered: dumplings, green beans, water boiled fish Comments: Dumplings were not good at all. They tasted like the frozen kind you get at the grocery store. The green beans were excellent. Good texture, good flavor, and good level of saltiness. Fish was only okay. The texture was too flaky.

Montlake Cut

Ordered: crudo, mussels, clam chowder, halibut Comments: Crudo appetizer was tasty, flavors were subtle. Mussels came in a white wine butter sauce. Clam chowder was different than expected. The broth was somewhat spicy with hints of citrus. The halibut was cooked well, but on the the pricey side. Only the entree is included, no sides…

Hard Eight BBQ

Ordered: roasted corn, brisket, ribs, spicy sausage Comments: Overall, bbq was okay; it’s not as great as yelp would have you believe. Brisket was kind of dry and bland. Corn was the favorite of the meal.


Ordered: beef bulgolgi, seafood tofu stew Comments: Solid meal for a reasonable price. Both items came as a combo, and fed two people. Hmart food court tends to have good options for Korean food.

Open Sesame

Ordered: sampler plate, falafel, mixed grilled plate Comments: Our favorite from here was the falafel. It came out fresh with a crunchy exterior and a soft interior. Seasoning was good. Everything on the sampler plate was solid. The pita bread here was the flatter and denser version, similar to a tortilla. I prefer the soft…

Streets Fine Chicken

Ordered: chicken & dumplings, 3 pc fried chicken Comments: You can find all things chicken here. The chicken & dumplings tasted like a heartier version of chicken noodle soup. There were equal amounts of chicken and dumplings; and the soup/stew was adequately seasoned. With the fried chicken, the skin was crispy without being oily. The…


Ordered: spicy pork, soondubu (spicy seafood tofu stew) Comments: It’s only okay. We came here without realizing it’s mainly a karaoke bar, which explains the mediocre food. Everything was just fine, nothing outstanding.

Mango Mango

Ordered: crepe with strawberries & nutella with green tea ice cream Comments: Good place for a snack/dessert if you like desserts that are less sweet. The crepe I had was enjoyable, nothing was overly sweet, and there were plenty of strawberries inside the crepe. If you’re into Asian desserts, this place is worth a visit.

Steel City Pops

Ordered: raspberry lemon popsicle Comments: This shop on Greenville Avenue only sells popsicles: fruity and creamy ones. I’ve been here several times before, but had not yet jumped on the bandwagon until recently. At first, I thought this place was overrated. Thinking ‘how is this any different from popsicles you can get at the grocery…

Gianna’s Bento Express

Ordered: pork & squid bento box w/ soup Comments: This place is one of the stands at the Hmart food court in Carrollton, TX. The pork & squid dish was good and they give you plenty. (I had leftovers.) The good thing about the bento place is you get more banchan. Others places will give…

Teppo Yakitori and Sushi Bar

Ordered: miso fried tofu, spider roll, yellowtail nigiri, California roll, salmon bowl Comments: Everything was delicious. Fish was fresh and rice was slightly warm. We didn’t get to try the yakitori. (The chef was out that day.) Will try to come back to try yakitori – the specialty there. Could be a go-to.


Ordered: charbroiled oysters, clams & mussels, blackened snapper Comments: Good seafood restaurant in a casual setting. Everything was well cooked and tasted great. Blake especially enjoyed the clams & mussels.

Cake Bar

Ordered: old-fashioned chocolate cake (yellow cake with dark chocolate frosting) Comments: Small bakery filled with several choices for layered cakes. We tried the old-fashioned chocolate cake. Cake was moist and frosting was delicious. I don’t usually like frosting (it’s usually too sweet) but we ate all of this frosting; it had the right level of…

Latin Deli

Ordered: chilaquiles with chorizo (only available for brunch on Saturdays & Sundays) Comments: Generous portion of chilaquiles fed both Blake and I. Tortilla chips drenched in a tomatillo sauce, topped with sunny-side up eggs and chorizo. The chorizo was a good choice to compliment the acidity of the tomatillo sauce. We both enjoyed this dish….

Super Chix

Ordered: Nashville hot sandwich, Cheesy BBQ sandwich, rosemary black pepper fries Comments: Think Chick-fil-a but with more options. Can’t go wrong with fried chicken sandwiches. The fries were really good. Hot and fresh from the fryer, the fries were skinny but still had a soft potato center. The rosemary flavor was subtle and added an…

Mitsuwa Food Court

Ordered: miso hot ramen with side of pork rice bowl, fried chicken curry with rice (each dish was from a different stand) Comments: Solid ramen. Broth was flavorful with chewy ramen noodles. The rice bowl came with lots of green onion and pork shavings. It was a good side for the ramen, to counterbalance the…

Kessler Baking Studio

Ordered: chocolate chip pecan cookie, macadamia blondie Comments: Baked goods without preservatives and just like homemade. Portion sizes are larger than average, and the price reflects it. Both cookie and blondie were moist and not too sweet. I would try anything on the menu, and eventually probably will.

C Senor

Ordered: cuban sandwich Comments: Food stand with tables on the side for outdoor dining. The cuban sandwich was delicious. The bread was crispy on the outside. The inside had all the components of a cuban with a good balance of flavors. Nothing was overpowering, just a great sandwich.

Shake Shack

Ordered: shack burger & fries Comments: Solid burger. Will return.

Mr. Max

Ordered: tonkatsu ramen, curry, takoyaki, grilled miso salmon Comments: Thin noodles come with the ramen. Curry had good flavor but was low on the meat. Takoyaki was the dinner favorite – good texture and taste. Miso salmon was cooked perfectly and subtly seasoned. Blake really liked this place.

The Grape

Ordered: mushroom soup, mussels, pork chop Comments: Mushroom soup was creamy, had adequate amounts of mushroom, and just enough seasoning. Mussels were good. Broth was flavored with white wine, butter, and lemon. Blake ordered the pork chop. It was well cooked and the sides complemented the entree.

85C Bakery

Ordered: red bean bun, mango delight, green tea roll cake Comments: Blake especially liked the red bean bun. The red bean paste was just the right amount of sweetness. Bun surface was brushed with a slightly salty solution, a nice contrast to red bean paste. Bread was moist and soft. Mango delight was similar to…

Yatai Ramen

Ordered: mini tonkatsu ramen, mini curry rice, yakitori (chicken thigh and meatball) Comments: This place is similar to Mr. Max in concept and we visited both restaurants one day apart (comparisons are made). Ramen broth is better at Yatai; it is more flavorful and they give you half an egg. Curry is better at Mr….

Daddy Jack’s

Ordered: clam chowder, baked shrimp, tuna Comments: Solid okay. (We visited this restaurant in October 2016. It is now closed.)

Skewers Shop

Ordered: original ramen, trinity skewers with salad and fries Comments: Fast-casual Japanese restaurant that serves ramen, skewers, and baos. We ordered the szechuan seasoning with our skewers. The skewers were delicious. Everything was cooked to order and served promptly. Salad was a surprisingly good. It was a lettuce mix with a simple sesame vinaigrette. Fries…

Noodle House

Ordered: beef noodle soup, combo potstickers Comments: A Chinese restaurant that reminds me of Sandong in Houston. They offer various noodle soups, rice dishes and dumplings. We came for a late lunch and the place was packed with Chinese families. The restaurant is cleaner than you would expect from a typical asian restaurant. The beef…

Yoshi Shabu Shabu

Ordered: shabu shabu Comments: Each order comes with a plate of assorted veggies and three sauces. We each chose two proteins. Everything was tasty, but this place is on the pricey side. Each protein choice comes with 4 pieces, which isn’t that much. This is the only place in DFW  (that know of) that serves…

Truck Yard

Ordered: Cheesesteak sandwich with onions, peppers, mushrooms, and jalapenos with American cheese Comments: The cheesesteaks are made to order. Chicken and a vegetarian option are available for those who don’t want beef. We tried the beef. The sandwich was delicious. No flavor was overpowering. Other sandwiches I’ve tried tend to be heavy on the cheese….