Wu Wei Din

Ordered: cucumber salad, pork/shrimp wonton with house sauce, beef noodle soup (original)

Comments: Casual Taiwanese restaurant. The cucumber salad was delicious. Crisp with a slight acidity. They were neatly presented, as opposed to the typical ‘smashed’ appearance. The price point of $5 was on the steep side for a portion size equivalent to one cucumber. The wontons were great! The mix of two proteins gave the wonton a good texture. The skin of the wonton was thin but adequate in size. There are the best wontons I’ve had ever. The house sauce from what I can guess (and asking the waitress) is a mixture of soy sauce, sesame oil and garlic. B enjoyed the beef noodle soup, second only to Taipei Station. The noodles tasted fresh. Broth had a good flavor and the meat was tender. This place is open on Sundays, so we’ll likely be back for more good food. Next time I’d like to try the dan dan noodles and fried rice. Thumbs up.


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