Ichiro Ramen Shop

Ordered: takoyaki, tonkatsu ramen, spicy miso ramen

Comments: I enjoyed this ramen place. It’s low-key, service is fast, and the ramen is good. Another plus, it’s close, so we can enjoy ramen on a weekday if time permits. All the components of ramen are included in the price. (I’ve been to other places that charge you for an egg and/or pork belly.)

Takoyaki are fried balls of batter with octopus mixed into the batter. Usually garnished with bonito flakes, kewpie mayo, and a brown sauce (not sure what it is). This is kind of our staple appetizer at ramen places now. I would rank Ichiro’s version some where near the top. I ordered the spicy miso ramen. The texture of the ramen noodles had a bite to it (plus). The broth was a good amount of saltiness. The pork belly was tender, and adequate in quantity. The egg was what you expect a ramen egg to be – soy sauce taste on the outside with a runny inside. I only had the spicy miso, and can’t comment on the tonkatsu. Thumbs up. Will add this place to our list of go-to(s).


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