Pok The Raw Bar

spicy yuzu salmon

Ordered: spicy yuzu salmon, build your own bowl

Comments: New poke restaurant in West Village. I ordered the BYOB with bamboo rice, salmon, citrus ponzu, crispy onions, micro cilantro, edamame & seaweed salad. With the BYOB you can choose up to 4 add-ons without charge. I got a small bowl for around $9. The large is ~$13. The price seems high for what you’re getting but I guess if you compare poke to getting sushi, it seems comparable.

I was tempted to try this place because of the recent poke craze. I’m glad I tried it. It’s a thumbs up place, but I’m plain Jane when it comes to sushi. (In my mind, this is what poke is filed under.) I like rice with fish. Even when I order rolls, I ask for it without sauce. So while this place is good, we likely won’t be back. Fast-casual restaurants don’t really fit into our life, since we mainly eat at home on weekdays. (Note: spicy yuzu sauce is a creamy sauce.)


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