Cafe China & Pho


Ordered: vietnamese-style chicken wings, bun rieu, mi quang

Comments: The chicken wings were on the sweet side, which we were not a fan of. The vietnamese wings I’m used to eating are usually savory. The wings were cooked well – crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Blake had the bun rieu, our favorite among the dishes we ordered. The bun rieu here is most similar to what I’m used to at home (out of all the places we’ve ever tried bun rieu). I ordered the mi quang. This is the first time I’ve ever had this dish. It’s not something I grew up on but I’ve seen it mentioned several times on different food tv shows. I thought this dish was fine. It’s meant to be eaten with less broth than other noodle dishes, but the broth was not stronger in flavor. (That’s what I was expecting, not sure what the correct flavor profile is.) Thumbs up place. Won’t be a go-to, but will be back if we want bun rieu.


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