Smoke – Plano

Ordered: house salad, bbq ribs, fries appetizer, peanut butter pie

Comments: The appetizer was good, if you’re into intense flavors. Basically a layer of fries with cheese sauce and brisket on top. The house salad was everything a salad should be: lots of greens, a handful of other veggies and lightly dressed. The bbq ribs were a hefty portion. Blake and I split an entree and we still went home with leftovers. The mac & cheese was especially tasty. We got dessert to-go, to use the remainder of the groupon. We were not expecting to like the pie, but that was probably my favorite from the meal. Chocolate crumb crust with subtle taste of peanut butter and grape jelly.  Extra points for not being cloyingly sweet. Thumbs up, but not a go-to for us. It’s basically bbq, and for that we’d rather go to Pecan Lodge.


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