Ephesus Mediterranean Grill

Ordered: hummus, falafel, shepherd salad, gyro plate Comments: Food here was fine. Nothing was outstanding, but nothing was bad either. Our quest for a go-to mediterranean restaurant continues.


Ordered: octopus salad, porkchop, cacio e pepe Comments: The menu here changes pretty often, like maybe weekly. Everything was fine.  I was expecting more from a place that costs $$$. I think the thing to get here are the pastas – it’s handmade in-house.

Montlake Cut

Ordered: crudo, mussels, clam chowder, halibut Comments: Crudo appetizer was tasty, flavors were subtle. Mussels came in a white wine butter sauce. Clam chowder was different than expected. The broth was somewhat spicy with hints of citrus. The halibut was cooked well, but on the the pricey side. Only the entree is included, no sides…

Teppo Yakitori and Sushi Bar

Ordered: miso fried tofu, spider roll, yellowtail nigiri, California roll, salmon bowl Comments: Everything was delicious. Fish was fresh and rice was slightly warm. We didn’t get to try the yakitori. (The chef was out that day.) Will try to come back to try yakitori – the specialty there. Could be a go-to.


Ordered: Chef’s choice of 7 piece sushi, assorted tempura, pressed salmon sushi, nigiri (unagi, tamago, salmon) Comments: Tei-An is an upscale, Japanese restaurant. Small details about this place were notable. The disposable chopsticks were probably the fanciest throwaway chopsticks I’ve ever seen. The table setting even included a chopstick stand. Tempura included a mix of…