Taipei Station

Ordered: leek dumplings, spicy beef noodle soup Comments: Best beef noodle soup either of us have ever had. Broth was flavorful and thick, it had the consistency of a soup that’s been simmering low and slow. Broth was a cross between bun bo hue and bo kho; it also had a slight flavoring of tomato….


Ordered: meat plate with four sides (lamb shank, hummus, tabbouleh, fattoush, cauliflower) Comments: Cafeteria-style Mediterranean food. Lamb shank was kind of tender with subtle flavor. Pita bread was fresh and soft, but a little raw on the inside. Sides were fresh and plentiful.

Sichuanese Cuisine

Ordered: dumplings, green beans, water boiled fish Comments: Dumplings were not good at all. They tasted like the frozen kind you get at the grocery store. The green beans were excellent. Good texture, good flavor, and good level of saltiness. Fish was only okay. The texture was too flaky.

Hard Eight BBQ

Ordered: roasted corn, brisket, ribs, spicy sausage Comments: Overall, bbq was okay; it’s not as great as yelp would have you believe. Brisket was kind of dry and bland. Corn was the favorite of the meal.

Open Sesame

Ordered: sampler plate, falafel, mixed grilled plate Comments: Our favorite from here was the falafel. It came out fresh with a crunchy exterior and a soft interior. Seasoning was good. Everything on the sampler plate was solid. The pita bread here was the flatter and denser version, similar to a tortilla. I prefer the soft…

Streets Fine Chicken

Ordered: chicken & dumplings, 3 pc fried chicken Comments: You can find all things chicken here. The chicken & dumplings tasted like a heartier version of chicken noodle soup. There were equal amounts of chicken and dumplings; and the soup/stew was adequately seasoned. With the fried chicken, the skin was crispy without being oily. The…


Ordered: spicy pork, soondubu (spicy seafood tofu stew) Comments: It’s only okay. We came here without realizing it’s mainly a karaoke bar, which explains the mediocre food. Everything was just fine, nothing outstanding.


Ordered: charbroiled oysters, clams & mussels, blackened snapper Comments: Good seafood restaurant in a casual setting. Everything was well cooked and tasted great. Blake especially enjoyed the clams & mussels.

Mr. Max

Ordered: tonkatsu ramen, curry, takoyaki, grilled miso salmon Comments: Thin noodles come with the ramen. Curry had good flavor but was low on the meat. Takoyaki was the dinner favorite – good texture and taste. Miso salmon was cooked perfectly and subtly seasoned. Blake really liked this place.