Ordered: La Bandita burger made vegan, Impossible burger made vegan Comments: After watching “What the Health” (documentary), I’ve been trying more vegetarian/vegan options. We’d been to hopdoddy before, but hadn’t tried the veggie burgers yet. La bandita at hopdoddy is a black bean based burger. It was okay. The patty didn’t really hold together well….


Ordered: the long walk to Nashville (spicy fried chicken with braised greens and biscuit) Comments: Was not a fan of the fried chicken. It was crispy on the outside, but overdone on the inside. Sides were okay, nothing great.


Ordered: mini cupcakes Comments: Cake was dry except for the chocolate flavor. Might have been because we waited a day to eat the rest of the cupcakes. The icing had a good amount of sweetness. The overall flavor was good, but it seems like the cupcakes need to be consumed the day of. I would…

Off Site Kitchen

Ordered: Do it Murph-Style burger, cheese fries Comments: We came here to try the burgers, thinking they would be comparable to other well-known burger restaurants in Dallas (Shake Shack, Smashburger, etc.). Off site kitchen is better. They pay attention to small details, like toasting the inside as well as the outside of the bun. Also,…

Val’s Cheesecakes

Ordered: Lemmon Avenue (lemon cheesecake) Comments: Cute little stand that sells cheesecake, in slices or little jars. There were more flavors available in jars the day I went. The cheesecake here is good – moist and creamy. It’s a little difficult to eat if you want to get all the layers into one bite. Also…

Aloha Hawaiian Barbeque

Ordered: spam loco moco, bbq chicken Comments: Blake’s loco moco came with spam and a burger patty. This is what I would consider solid comfort food. The chicken was tender with good flavor. The cabbage was not so good; it was basically overcooked. Would come back, but only for the loco moco.

Streets Fine Chicken

Ordered: chicken & dumplings, 3 pc fried chicken Comments: You can find all things chicken here. The chicken & dumplings tasted like a heartier version of chicken noodle soup. There were equal amounts of chicken and dumplings; and the soup/stew was adequately seasoned. With the fried chicken, the skin was crispy without being oily. The…

Super Chix

Ordered: Nashville hot sandwich, Cheesy BBQ sandwich, rosemary black pepper fries Comments: Think Chick-fil-a but with more options. Can’t go wrong with fried chicken sandwiches. The fries were really good. Hot and fresh from the fryer, the fries were skinny but still had a soft potato center. The rosemary flavor was subtle and added an…

Kessler Baking Studio

Ordered: chocolate chip pecan cookie, macadamia blondie Comments: Baked goods without preservatives and just like homemade. Portion sizes are larger than average, and the price reflects it. Both cookie and blondie were moist and not too sweet. I would try anything on the menu, and eventually probably will.