Ordered: mini cupcakes Comments: Cake was dry except for the chocolate flavor. Might have been because we waited a day to eat the rest of the cupcakes. The icing had a good amount of sweetness. The overall flavor was good, but it seems like the cupcakes need to be consumed the day of. I would…

Val’s Cheesecakes

Ordered: Lemmon Avenue (lemon cheesecake) Comments: Cute little stand that sells cheesecake, in slices or little jars. There were more flavors available in jars the day I went. The cheesecake here is good – moist and creamy. It’s a little difficult to eat if you want to get all the layers into one bite. Also…

Sucre Cafe

Ordered: paradise island fruit tea, pandan waffle Comments: Not a fan of the fruit tea, it was too sweet. Waffle was great. It was freshly made and had a good amount of sweetness. This place is good for hanging out or studying.

Mango Mango

Ordered: crepe with strawberries & nutella with green tea ice cream Comments: Good place for a snack/dessert if you like desserts that are less sweet. The crepe I had was enjoyable, nothing was overly sweet, and there were plenty of strawberries inside the crepe. If you’re into Asian desserts, this place is worth a visit.

Cake Bar

Ordered: old-fashioned chocolate cake (yellow cake with dark chocolate frosting) Comments: Small bakery filled with several choices for layered cakes. We tried the old-fashioned chocolate cake. Cake was moist and frosting was delicious. I don’t usually like frosting (it’s usually too sweet) but we ate all of this frosting; it had the right level of…

Kessler Baking Studio

Ordered: chocolate chip pecan cookie, macadamia blondie Comments: Baked goods without preservatives and just like homemade. Portion sizes are larger than average, and the price reflects it. Both cookie and blondie were moist and not too sweet. I would try anything on the menu, and eventually probably will.

85C Bakery

Ordered: red bean bun, mango delight, green tea roll cake Comments: Blake especially liked the red bean bun. The red bean paste was just the right amount of sweetness. Bun surface was brushed with a slightly salty solution, a nice contrast to red bean paste. Bread was moist and soft. Mango delight was similar to…