Sucre Cafe

Ordered: paradise island fruit tea, pandan waffle Comments: Not a fan of the fruit tea, it was too sweet. Waffle was great. It was freshly made and had a good amount of sweetness. This place is good for hanging out or studying.

Mango Mango

Ordered: crepe with strawberries & nutella with green tea ice cream Comments: Good place for a snack/dessert if you like desserts that are less sweet. The crepe I had was enjoyable, nothing was overly sweet, and there were plenty of strawberries inside the crepe. If you’re into Asian desserts, this place is worth a visit.

Latin Deli

Ordered: chilaquiles with chorizo (only available for brunch on Saturdays & Sundays) Comments: Generous portion of chilaquiles fed both Blake and I. Tortilla chips drenched in a tomatillo sauce, topped with sunny-side up eggs and chorizo. The chorizo was a good choice to compliment the acidity of the tomatillo sauce. We both enjoyed this dish….

Mercat Bistro

Ordered: grilled chicken salad, crepe cake Comments: Food was only okay. What stands out about this place is the ambience. It has a nice feel to it – cute choice of furniture and decorations. I might not come here as a go-to to eat, but I wouldn’t mind coming back to meet up a friend…