North Town Chinese Kitchen

Ordered: noodles in sichuan style sauce, cucumbers in sauce, house special spicy beef noodle soup Comments: Great new find. All the noodles here are hand made. The sichuan noodles were basically sesame noodles, but still tasty. The cucumbers in sauce were spiralized to maximize the flavor, but it made the cucumber more soggy than it…

King’s Noodle

Ordered: steamed dumplings, beef noodle soup Comments: The food is good here, but I prefer the food at Taipei Station. The food concept is similar, but King’s Noodle is not as flavorful.  

Taipei Station

Ordered: leek dumplings, spicy beef noodle soup Comments: Best beef noodle soup either of us have ever had. Broth was flavorful and thick, it had the consistency of a soup that’s been simmering low and slow. Broth was a cross between bun bo hue and bo kho; it also had a slight flavoring of tomato….

Sichuanese Cuisine

Ordered: dumplings, green beans, water boiled fish Comments: Dumplings were not good at all. They tasted like the frozen kind you get at the grocery store. The green beans were excellent. Good texture, good flavor, and good level of saltiness. Fish was only okay. The texture was too flaky.

85C Bakery

Ordered: red bean bun, mango delight, green tea roll cake Comments: Blake especially liked the red bean bun. The red bean paste was just the right amount of sweetness. Bun surface was brushed with a slightly salty solution, a nice contrast to red bean paste. Bread was moist and soft. Mango delight was similar to…

Noodle House

Ordered: beef noodle soup, combo potstickers Comments: A Chinese restaurant that reminds me of Sandong in Houston. They offer various noodle soups, rice dishes and dumplings. We came for a late lunch and the place was packed with Chinese families. The restaurant is cleaner than you would expect from a typical asian restaurant. The beef…

Royal China

Ordered: soup dumplings, mixed dumplings, green beans, curry beef Comments: Restaurant is cleaner than your average Chinese restaurant. The dishes are on the more expensive side compared to the usual Chinese restaurant. Food was good but I prefer Jeng Chi, in taste and price. Thumbs up.

Boiling Wok – Plano

Ordered: szechuan spicy hotpot Comments: This place was a good find. The food came out fast, was reasonably priced, and delicious. Each hotpot comes with a set mix of protein and vegetables already dispersed in the hot broth. There was enough of everything to feed the two of us. The broth was flavorful and adequate…

Wu Wei Din

Ordered: cucumber salad, pork/shrimp wonton with house sauce, beef noodle soup (original) Comments: Casual Taiwanese restaurant. The cucumber salad was delicious. Crisp with a slight acidity. They were neatly presented, as opposed to the typical ‘smashed’ appearance. The price point of $5 was on the steep side for a portion size equivalent to one cucumber….