Wabi House

Ordered: veggie ramen Comments: Good veggie option. Didn’t feel deprived at all from ordering the veggie ramen. You get a vegetable based broth, noodles and plenty of vegetables. The broth was flavorful. Noodles had a good chew. And the vegetables varied in textures and flavors.


Ordered: La Bandita burger made vegan, Impossible burger made vegan Comments: After watching “What the Health” (documentary), I’ve been trying more vegetarian/vegan options. We’d been to hopdoddy before, but hadn’t tried the veggie burgers yet. La bandita at hopdoddy is a black bean based burger. It was okay. The patty didn’t really hold together well….

Yenat Guada Ethiopian Cuisine

Ordered: vegetarian platter for two (dish comes with injera) Comments: The platter was way too much food for just two people. We could have ordered for one. The favorite was the dark one in the middle. The waitress said it was red lentils. The combination of the spices and the texture of the lentils made…

Jarams Donuts

Ordered: creme brulee donut, strawberries & cream donut Comments: Fancy donuts offered here. They have plain ones as well. The creme brulee had a crispy shell, and tasted like burnt sugar, as expected. The strawberries & cream is strawberries with cream cheese. The cream cheese was a good option for balancing the sweetness of the…

North Town Chinese Kitchen

Ordered: noodles in sichuan style sauce, cucumbers in sauce, house special spicy beef noodle soup Comments: Great new find. All the noodles here are hand made. The sichuan noodles were basically sesame noodles, but still tasty. The cucumbers in sauce were spiralized to maximize the flavor, but it made the cucumber more soggy than it…

Little Greek Fresh Grill

Ordered: hummus, gyro plate Comments:  Quick, casual place for delicious Greek food. I liked that you could sub the rice for more veggies.

Arepa TX

Ordered: chipotle chicken arepa, brisket & chimichurri arepa, yuca fries Comments: Good arepas. Texture of the corn cake was crispy. The meat fillings were flavorful. The size of each arepa is comparable to a small sandwich. The chimichurri sauce was a welcome addition of acid to the beef. Yuca fries were similar to regular potato…


Ordered: trompo, bistec tacos Comments: Basically a food truck atmosphere from a brick and mortar taco restaurant. No nonsense street tacos with limited seating. The trompo taco was better. The meat had a good amount of fat and flavor. It was really crowded when we came. (Bon Appetit had recently named this place “the best…

Taipei Station

Ordered: leek dumplings, spicy beef noodle soup Comments: Best beef noodle soup either of us have ever had. Broth was flavorful and thick, it had the consistency of a soup that’s been simmering low and slow. Broth was a cross between bun bo hue and bo kho; it also had a slight flavoring of tomato….