Wabi House

Ordered: veggie ramen Comments: Good veggie option. Didn’t feel deprived at all from ordering the veggie ramen. You get a vegetable based broth, noodles and plenty of vegetables. The broth was flavorful. Noodles had a good chew. And the vegetables varied in textures and flavors.

Teppo Yakitori and Sushi Bar

Ordered: miso fried tofu, spider roll, yellowtail nigiri, California roll, salmon bowl Comments: Everything was delicious. Fish was fresh and rice was slightly warm. We didn’t get to try the yakitori. (The chef was out that day.) Will try to come back to try yakitori – the specialty there. Could be a go-to.

Mitsuwa Food Court

Ordered: miso hot ramen with side of pork rice bowl, fried chicken curry with rice (each dish was from a different stand) Comments: Solid ramen. Broth was flavorful with chewy ramen noodles. The rice bowl came with lots of green onion and pork shavings. It was a good side for the ramen, to counterbalance the…

Mr. Max

Ordered: tonkatsu ramen, curry, takoyaki, grilled miso salmon Comments: Thin noodles come with the ramen. Curry had good flavor but was low on the meat. Takoyaki was the dinner favorite – good texture and taste. Miso salmon was cooked perfectly and subtly seasoned. Blake really liked this place.

Yatai Ramen

Ordered: mini tonkatsu ramen, mini curry rice, yakitori (chicken thigh and meatball) Comments: This place is similar to Mr. Max in concept and we visited both restaurants one day apart (comparisons are made). Ramen broth is better at Yatai; it is more flavorful and they give you half an egg. Curry is better at Mr….

Skewers Shop

Ordered: original ramen, trinity skewers with salad and fries Comments: Fast-casual Japanese restaurant that serves ramen, skewers, and baos. We ordered the szechuan seasoning with our skewers. The skewers were delicious. Everything was cooked to order and served promptly. Salad was a surprisingly good. It was a lettuce mix with a simple sesame vinaigrette. Fries…

Yoshi Shabu Shabu

Ordered: shabu shabu Comments: Each order comes with a plate of assorted veggies and three sauces. We each chose two proteins. Everything was tasty, but this place is on the pricey side. Each protein choice comes with 4 pieces, which isn’t that much. This is the only place in DFW  (that know of) that serves…

Sushi Rock

Ordered: salmon don (salmon with a bowl of sushi rice) Comments: Salmon is my favorite when eating sushi, so if the chef is willing to make me salmon don, I order it. The dish was great. The sushi rice was properly seasoned and perfectly plump. The salmon was buttery and beautifully presented. Will be coming…

Monta Ramen

Ordered: black garlic ramen, tontkatsu ramen, cucumber appetizer, takoyaki Comments: Broth was a little too heavy for me. The black garlic flavor was not a strong flavor. Probably just stick to the usual flavors (tonkatsu, miso) next time. Takoyaki was good, best yet. Thumbs up.