Ordered: beef bulgolgi, seafood tofu stew Comments: Solid meal for a reasonable price. Both items came as a combo, and fed two people. Hmart food court tends to have good options for Korean food.


Ordered: spicy pork, soondubu (spicy seafood tofu stew) Comments: It’s only okay. We came here without realizing it’s mainly a karaoke bar, which explains the mediocre food. Everything was just fine, nothing outstanding.

Gianna’s Bento Express

Ordered: pork & squid bento box w/ soup Comments: This place is one of the stands at the Hmart food court in Carrollton, TX. The pork & squid dish was good and they give you plenty. (I had leftovers.) The good thing about the bento place is you get more banchan. Others places will give…

Gui Rock Korean

Ordered: chicken bulgolgi, seafood tofu soup Comments: We came here for the lunch specials, which included soup and salad bar. The chicken bulgolgi was good – moist and flavorful. The tofu soup was only okay. It had lots of zucchini and onions, which we were not a fan of. Banchan was good but nothing outstanding….