Montlake Cut

Ordered: crudo, mussels, clam chowder, halibut Comments: Crudo appetizer was tasty, flavors were subtle. Mussels came in a white wine butter sauce. Clam chowder was different than expected. The broth was somewhat spicy with hints of citrus. The halibut was cooked well, but on the the pricey side. Only the entree is included, no sides…


Ordered: charbroiled oysters, clams & mussels, blackened snapper Comments: Good seafood restaurant in a casual setting. Everything was well cooked and tasted great. Blake especially enjoyed the clams & mussels.

Daddy Jack’s

Ordered: clam chowder, baked shrimp, tuna Comments: Solid okay. (We visited this restaurant in October 2016. It is now closed.)