Dong Hai

Ordered: thit bo luc lac, banh bot chien, rau muong Comments: This is the only place I know of that has banh bot chien in Dallas. Food was fine. Would probably only come back if we were craving banh bot chien.

Pho Bang

Ordered: egg rolls, beef & meatball pho, com thit nuong Comments: Everything was fine. Com thit nuong was not the best or the worst. Blake’s pho was more cloudy than I would have preferred.

Dong Que

Ordered: chao tom spring roll, seafood egg noodle soup, com thit nuong Comments: Everything was delicious. I enjoyed the com thit nuong. The spring rolls was only okay. Blake enjoyed his seafood egg noodle soup. Will return to try the baked fish, a favorite among other diners. Thumbs up.

Pho Pasteur 2

Ordered: pho tai bo vien, bun rieu Comments: This will be the go-to for pho in DFW. Broth was flavorful. Noodles had a good texture. And they give you enough protein to eat with your noodles. Pho Pasteur 2 also offers other noodle and rice dishes for non-pho fans. Thumbs up.

Cafe China & Pho

Ordered: vietnamese-style chicken wings, bun rieu, mi quang Comments: The chicken wings were on the sweet side, which we were not a fan of. The vietnamese wings I’m used to eating are usually savory. The wings were cooked well – crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Blake had the bun rieu, our…