Arepa TX

Ordered: chipotle chicken arepa, brisket & chimichurri arepa, yuca fries Comments: Good arepas. Texture of the corn cake was crispy. The meat fillings were flavorful. The size of each arepa is comparable to a small sandwich. The chimichurri sauce was a welcome addition of acid to the beef. Yuca fries were similar to regular potato…

Dong Hai

Ordered: thit bo luc lac, banh bot chien, rau muong Comments: This is the only place I know of that has banh bot chien in Dallas. Food was fine. Would probably only come back if we were craving banh bot chien.

King’s Noodle

Ordered: steamed dumplings, beef noodle soup Comments: The food is good here, but I prefer the food at Taipei Station. The food concept is similar, but King’s Noodle is not as flavorful.  


Ordered: trompo, bistec tacos Comments: Basically a food truck atmosphere from a brick and mortar taco restaurant. No nonsense street tacos with limited seating. The trompo taco was better. The meat had a good amount of fat and flavor. It was really crowded when we came. (Bon Appetit had recently named this place “the best…


Ordered: mini cupcakes Comments: Cake was dry except for the chocolate flavor. Might have been because we waited a day to eat the rest of the cupcakes. The icing had a good amount of sweetness. The overall flavor was good, but it seems like the cupcakes need to be consumed the day of. I would…

Taipei Station

Ordered: leek dumplings, spicy beef noodle soup Comments: Best beef noodle soup either of us have ever had. Broth was flavorful and thick, it had the consistency of a soup that’s been simmering low and slow. Broth was a cross between bun bo hue and bo kho; it also had a slight flavoring of tomato….

Ephesus Mediterranean Grill

Ordered: hummus, falafel, shepherd salad, gyro plate Comments: Food here was fine. Nothing was outstanding, but nothing was bad either. Our quest for a go-to mediterranean restaurant continues.

Off Site Kitchen

Ordered: Do it Murph-Style burger, cheese fries Comments: We came here to try the burgers, thinking they would be comparable to other well-known burger restaurants in Dallas (Shake Shack, Smashburger, etc.). Off site kitchen is better. They pay attention to small details, like toasting the inside as well as the outside of the bun. Also,…

Val’s Cheesecakes

Ordered: Lemmon Avenue (lemon cheesecake) Comments: Cute little stand that sells cheesecake, in slices or little jars. There were more flavors available in jars the day I went. The cheesecake here is good – moist and creamy. It’s a little difficult to eat if you want to get all the layers into one bite. Also…